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Sei schlau und nimm nur wenig Wäsche mit nach Antalya, dann kannst Du VIEL einkaufen und mit nach Hause nehmen!

Machen Sie Ihrer Frau eine Freude! Waschen Sie Ihre Urlaubswäsche vor Ihrer Rückkehr nach Hause :-)


Be clever and bring just a small amount of laundry to Antalya, then you can buy a LOT and take it home!

Make your wife happy!

Wash your clothes before

you turn back home :-)

How do I find a cheap accommodation in the old town of Antalya, the Kaleiçi?

Cheapest hostel is, of course, my private homestay:-) Located in the first floor of the art house, above the laundry. Go to my subpage KALE'S HOMESTAY or click here.

QuickTime Self-Service Laundry



new address: Hıdırlık Sokak 10

opposite of "Kaleiçi Taxi"


how you find us





In the beginning of April 2012 the first self-service laundry opened in the Kaleiçi, the old town of Antalya. Antalya is beautiful, but hot and wet. In July and August the humidity can extent to 99%. You would favourit to take a shower and change your clothes at least three times a day. Laundry service is offered by some of the hotels and pensions, but the service isn't isn't fast and oft expensive. More often it is canceled at all, because the pensions have only one washing machine and are reaching its limit with its hotel laundry. Other pensions don't offer it at all and recommend with pleasure our service.

In Turkey, laudrettes as we know them from Europe or from US, don't exist. But the first self-service of Turkey isn't a copy of those salons. As it is a start-up project of a German woman, the machines are household machines, but from BOSCH. All its machines are equipped with super quick programes to enable you to wash and dry your clothes as fast as possible. Mostly they are anyway just sweaty. Using the super fast dryer programme of the Bosch machine, your laundry is dry in a few minutes. Our special is the 15min quick wash & 15min quick dry offer for 9TL. None of the hotels and pensions have a dryer. If you give your laundry to the hotel staff in the morning, you have to wait till evening, until you get it back, even when the sun is shining. But, what will you do, when it rains? In Antalya it rains quite often between September and May.....

PREISE / PRICES / FIYATLAR detergent included!

(prices include detergent)




special for small amount:
quick wash                 15min     1-2kg          5TL
quick dry                    15min     1-2kg          4TL




Prices washing (per load - up to 7kg)
standard program    30º                               7TL
standard program    40º                               8TL
standard program    60º                               9TL
standard program    90º                             12TL

Prices for drying (depending on amount)
standard dry            40min  (2kg)                 6TL
standard dry            60min  (3kg)                 8TL
standard dry            90min  (7kg)                12TL

self-ironing             e.g. 5min                        2TL

                                    15min                        5TL

Softener                                                        1TL
Stain remove                                                 2TL

Our Machines: BOSCH

First self-service in Turkey
First self-service in Turkey

In the moment we have tow washing nachines of the brand BOSCH (WAE20464TR) with 15min super quick program and two dryers of the brand  BOSCH (WTS8651STR), also with 15min super quick program.

Both machines suit especially for small amounts of and lightly soiled laundry, but manage professionally also strongly dirty laundry up to 7kg, of course. 

Laundry with Culture

We have a book corner, which we extend permanently. You don't need to carry so much holiday literature any more :-) Beside the corner obtains oodles of useful information about cafes, shopping possibilities,  hairdressers, hotels & pensions as well as to the cultural events in the city.

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Katja is introducing the laundry:

"Ironing relaxes" (with English subtitles)

Katja tells the story of the laundry (in German):

The laundrette is more then a washing possibility.... it is also a meeting point...

While your laundry is washing and drying, you can read, if you have an apprpriate device, you can use wifi for free. You can chat with other customers or friends of the art house, drink a coffee or a beer and you can talk to me.  We can give you oodles of hints to your travels and accomodation, to Antalya itself, to shopping-, cultural- and entertainment possibilities. We know art professionals, who offer thrilling souvenirs: ceramists, lamp manufacturers, candlemakers, glass artists etc.. We have information about the culture and art events of the city of Antalya and we can help you to plan and organize your further holiday. 


Sweeten your waiting time with a nice espresso, Cafe Latteor  Cafe Crema from our brandnew Cafissimo machine :-) Delicious coffee for just 3,50TL.



NEW!!!! Every Saturday Cafe & Cake - baked fresh, homemade and with fruits of the season - for just 6TL!